About Streamix

Streamix is a platform dedicated to Streamers & Viewers.
We want to change the live stream services found online using our Ethereum Token called "Streamix [STRX]".

Why would you use Streamix?
Because everyone can earn on our platform. As a viewer you can earn STRX just watching the live streams, as a streamer you will earn just doing what you love to do.

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On the Streamix platform you, as a Streamer, can simply earn based on how long you are online, based on the views and viewers obtained.

Everyone can make money on Streamix, there are no minimum requirements and it only depends on you and your entertainment capacity.

If you are already streaming on other platforms you can join us as an Affiliate too.



Streamix is also dedicated to you who spend a lot of time watching at your favorite streamers, becouse, let's face it, who is watching TV anymore?

Now you too will have the opportunity to monetize the time spent watching online streaming. On Streamix you can earn simply by watching.



Are you already streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer?
Signup as an affiliate of Streamix and you will receive many advantages.
We can help to increase your audience adding you to our Streaming Partners and keeping your users active rewarding them with our new cryptocurrency.



We want to realize the first service completely dedicated to Streamers & Viewers who can operate easily and safetly on the Ethereum blockchain system with our Streamix Token.

Here you can find our timeline overwiew.


Learn more about the Streamix project

Streamix wants to revolutionize the streaming services currently available online.
As you already know, streamers can earn and live using services like Twitch or Youtube and receiving donations and help from users who watch their transmissions.

But what do you think if the same Viewers could earn by watching their favorite streamers?
That's the main goal of Streamix.

Sounds good right?!


Mobile Wallet App

  • Streamix in your hands

    Send and Receive STRX directly from your smartphone.

  • Simplicity and Security

    Manage your STRX with "TRUST" wallet on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Exchange

    Exchange your STRX directly inside the wallet, with the Trust Wallet dApps.